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The ‘Ciara’ Comes Out of the Ground31/08/2017

Following the re-design of the Lime at Wood Farm into a Ciara house type, to meet the needs of the Fowler family with their disabled daughter, the next stage was to start the building process. The family were exchanged on their new home and had moved into rented accommodation. Equally the planning permission had been changed and the structure of the new building re-engineered, so there were no constraints on getting started.

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The Archway Team Start Work on the 'Ciara'28/07/2017

The Archway team, including our subcontractors and suppliers, pulled out all the stops to help the Fowler family find their dream family home. Their requirements were very different to most families though, due to their middle child, Ciara, being diagnosed with Rett Syndrome at around the age of 2 - a rare condition that has left her severely disabled. After a number of meetings with Gayle and Neil, Ciara's parents, this is the on going story as their new home takes shape.

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Why does Wood Farm have only one plot released?23/09/2016

Customers looking on our website might be surprised that our new development at Guilden Sutton, Wood Farm, has only one home currently available for sale.  Not all the homes are sold - why are they not released? In order to answer that question it is necessary to explain what happens when buying a new home.

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